Sunday, June 11, 2023

Plan to attend, but reservations required! In celebration of Arrow Park’s 75th Diamond Anniversary – we will have a celebration luncheon including appetizer/salad, a variety of ethnic and non-ethnic foods, dessert, coffee, tea and water. There will also be a cash bar with soda, wine, mixed drinks and bottles available for purchase. (Credit cards will be accepted at the bar.) There will also be entertainment provided during the luncheon.

The cost of the luncheon: $55/adult, and $25/children under 12.

We are also planning a commemorative booklet and invite you to place an ad.




August 13-20, 2022 A group interdisciplinary, installation art and music show with performances and art presentations was held throughout the Arrow Park Estate. Beautiful weather. Wonderful and intriguing artists. Nice crowds and visitors. An enjoyable experience was had by for all. More info



Friends of Arrow Park [FOAP] welcomes your inquiries and interest.

The majority of events at Arrow Park have traditionally been small (though we have hosted events with literally hundreds of guests and attendees). Some events are limited and exclusive. Some are private. The goal of our organization is to encourage groups to share and express their diverse heritage, cultural, political and artistic values. You provide the occasion, we do our best to provide the place for it to happen. We feel that Arrow Park is an intrinsically proper venue for events that bind people together and strengthen their lives.

Your donations to our non-profit help provide the opportunity and means to assist groups and organizations which otherwise may not have the funding necessary to make an event possible. If you would like your donation to be earmarked to a particular type of project, organization or activity, or even to a specific organization – simply let us know.

We welcome inquiries of volunteers. We are always interested in hearing from you. Grounds keeping, gardening, building/maintenance work, and similar activities are always on the agenda. We also welcome creatives – photographers, artist, writers and musicians that have an interest in becoming a part of Arrow Park community and sharing their talents, skills and labor. While our own financial resources can oftentimes be lean, our enthusiasm (and appreciation) for your talent and your abilities seldom wane. As we have seen in the past, simply being a part of Arrow Park, simply being on the grounds of this historic and enchanted property, is often compensation enough for many people. We understand and gratefully appreciate that.

The story of Arrow Park has always been one of involvement by individuals that look a little beyond the norm. That story includes many who have made commitments to community and family. The memories of our immigrant forebears always holds an integral mark in who we are and what we do. The community which makes Friends of Arrow Park possible continues to grow and encourages us on a daily basis to offer more.




Spring 2020 While the restrictions of Coronavirus (Covid-19) laid waste to all social and event activities at Arrow Park, it did afford us an opportunity to complete the long-anticipated (and much needed) repairs to the Arrow Park Mansion roof. Over a hundred years old, the original roof tiles of the mansion have served well – but there were many which needed replacing, some missing and many broken – with numerous leaks that have been apparent for many (many) years. As a result of time and weathering, there was structural damage (thankfully nothing overly severe). The work included new roof tiles, repairs to soffits, dormers and flashings, new gutters and leaders were installed, along with resurfacing and new flashing of all chimneys, and new snowguards.



August A day of life's simple pleasures. Family and friends in a natural and idyllic setting. BBQ lunch, swimming, kids activities... and cold beer on a hot summer day! All followed by a performance of slavic dance and music by Barynya.


We invite you to share in the work of our organization with a tax-deductible contribution.



Arrow Park has been a center for multi-cultural meetings, events and programs for many decades. We welcome the diversity of those that use our property for their events, retreats and social gatherings. Ideally situated within an hour drive from major cities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, our protected forest areas, lake, beach and historic mansion offer a unique and memorable location for a variety of cultural, artistic, educational, healing and business programs.

The property is available for private retreats and meetings, seminars, workshops and exhibitions. We work with many non-profit organizations and institutional programs throughout the tristate area.



If you or your organization, club or business are interested in more information – we encourage you to contact the Main Office to arrange for a tour of Arrow Park.


Friends of Arrow Park Inc. is headquartered in Monroe, NY, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible. The organization is classified by the IRS NTEE system under Arts, Cultural Organizations - Multipurpose within the Arts, Culture and Humanities category, with a ruling year of 2018.